Campus Entrepreneur - Earn While You Learn Program

Are you one among those self-motivated and pro-active students with an entrepreneurial mindset willing to earn while you learn? Then you are the right person to participate in our Campus Entrepreneur – Earn While You Learn program that would help you nurture your entrepreneurial dream, that too, while you still learn in your college. Moreover you will also be honored with our Internship Certificate on your successful completion of this program.

What is this Campus Entrepreneur program about?

This program is all about selling T-shirts. We update our web portal frequently with newly introduced exclusive designer tees - about eight to ten styles every time. You book orders for T-shirts by taking colour print-outs of these designs, collect tag price from those who make bookings, place orders with us for the booked quantity (minimum 100 pieces per style) by remitting 100% upfront money, receive your commission and consignment from us, distribute T-shirts to those who have made bookings with you.

All you need to do is:
  • Market these exclusive styles (updated in our web portal at regular intervals) by taking colour print-outs of them
  • Book orders for these styles
  • Collect money for the bookings made as per our tag price (tag price varies from Rs. 175/piece to Rs. 250/piece based on styles)
  • Place your orders with us (min. 100 nos. per style) with 100% upfront payment
  • Receive the consignment from us
  • Distribute the T-shirts to those who made bookings
  • Earn a commission of Rs. 15/piece for sales made by you (paid once the orders are received from you)

Do you want to be the Campus Entrepreneur in your campus? Wait no more and contact us at kaalika@celebritee.co.in with your interest.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Here are a few questions that might answer your queries on this Campus Entrepreneur program.

Who shall participate in this program?
Any college student who is undergoing his/her UG or PG program shall participate in this program.

Will you provide T-shirt samples?
As there are many campus entrepreneurs taking part in this program, it is not feasible for us to send samples for each of them. We will update newly introduced designer tees from time to time (once in two to three month period) in our portal. You need to take colour print-outs of these styles and market them.

How am I to make sales?
With colour print-outs of designer tees, as a Campus Entrepreneur, you need to book orders for these styles. A minimum of 100 pieces per style is to be booked.

Do I need to make a booking for all the styles?
It’s not mandatory to book orders for all styles. You shall book orders for whichever styles that are fast moving in your campus.

Should I need to collect money while booking orders?
Yes, of course! You need to book orders by collecting the tag price of the style.

Shall I make bookings for a price other than the tag price?
No! You are required to make bookings only on price mentioned in the tag. Your commission will be sent to you separately.

When to place orders with you?
You shall place orders with us once you book a quantity of at least 100 pieces in a style. Book your orders with us by remitting 100% upfront payment for the styles you order. We will send you the consignment in 7 to 10 days time. This time limit may vary based on your exact location. For bulk quantities, this time shall vary accordingly.

How shall I spend time for this business program?
There is no hard & fast rule here. Whichever time you are free and that would not affect your studies; this may be your tea-breaks, library times, sports time, lunch-breaks, after-college hours, holidays, function times, etc.

Where shall I sell?
You shall sell our T-shirts to your friends, classmates, neighbors or whoever you believe is crazy about T-shirts.

What is the duration of this program?
The minimum time commitment required at your end is 6 months. On mutual interest, this shall be extended till you complete your studies.

What is the commission and when will I be paid?
You will earn a commission of Rs. 15/piece and this will be paid to you at the time of placing orders with us.

Will I be issued a certificate?
Yes! On your successful completion of this program, you will be honored with our Campus Entrepreneur Internship Certificate.

How am I benefited by participating in this program?
Firstly you are paid a commission of Rs. 15 per piece sold by you. You are then issued an Internship Certificate on successful completion of this program. Above all, you gain a hands-on business experience in sales and marketing.